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GGS acquires Niagrow Systems

June 5, 2009  By Amanda Ryder

June 5, 2009 – GGS has purchased Niagrow Systems, a leading supplier of hot water
heating systems for greenhouses in North America.

GGS has purchased Niagrow Systems, a leading supplier of hot water
heating systems for greenhouses in North America. Wim Vanderwindt will
continue to manage Niagrow Systems as an independent subsidiary
business of GGS.

When asked why they did not bring Niagrow Systems into GGS
as a division, Leigh Coulter, one of the owners of GGS, said GGS is a
structure manufacturer, “and we are the best at what we do. Niagrow
Systems is an engineering design company, and they know heating systems
better than anyone else. These are two very different companies. By
keeping them under separate management we ensure that the best
qualities of each are focused on. That is better for our customers, and
therefore, better for us.”


Vanderwindt added that he was pleased with joining the GGS group of
companies. “GGS brings with it a renewed focus in providing the best
products and services to greenhouse industries throughout North

Asked if Niagrow will remain focused only on North American projects,
Coulter commented that, “for now, Niagrow is strong in Canada, the
U.S., and to a lesser extent Mexico. We will build on that initially,
and see where we grow from there.”

Niagrow Systems has been designing and supplying complete heating
systems for greenhouse environments for 25 years. Their expertise
ensures growers maximize value for one of the most critical elements of
a greenhouse environment. In today’s climate searching for energy
efficiency, Niagrow Systems is able to help existing operations improve
their return, as well as designing engineered systems for expansion and
new projects.
Niagrow Systems works with commercial greenhouses, institutional
research facilities, and garden centres, to satisfy individual needs.

GGS is a respected leader in the commercial greenhouse industry and retail garden centres worldwide.
GGS was founded in 1979 designing and manufacturing greenhouses
primarily for the commercial growers. Over the years, it has grown with
worldwide sales and distribution on four continents. Divisions include:

• Commercial greenhouse manufacturing
• Garden centre manufacturing
• Construction and project management
Tasco Domes (which are fabric covered buildings for agriculture, storage, arenas and exhibition halls)
• High tunnels for outdoor crop environmental control.

“GGS prides itself on providing customers with a superior quality product, and exceptional customer service,” said Coulter.

GGS is part of a group of companies owned by the Harrison family, which
include GGS Construction, Letrek Holdings, Trevor Construction Corp,
Necaxa SA and MMM SA.

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