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George Sant Greenhouses Open House

November 17, 2010  By Dave Harrison

Nov. 17, 2010, Kleinburg, Ont. – This is the third in a series of photo
features covering plant trials I toured this year throughout
southwestern Ontario.

Nov. 17, 2010, Kleinburg, Ont. – This is the third in a series of photo features covering plant trials I toured this year throughout southwestern Ontario. This series does not cover all the trials, and hopefully we can expand our coverage next year. I approached the trials from the viewpoint of a consumer. What caught my eye? What would easily find a home in my landscape and planters?

Varieties from PanAmerican Seed, Kieft, Ball FloraPlant, Selecta, Burpee Home Gardens, Darwin Perennials and Dummen were in the spotlight during the George Sant Greenhouses Open House near Kleinburg, Ontario. As well, extensive mum trials were conducted adjacent to the hoop house area of the farm.

One of the most photographed plants at this year’s open house was ‘Black
Velvet,’ the world’s only black petunia. These upright, mounded
petunias flower early, have a tightly branched habit and flower all
season. It is adaptable to cold finishing programs, with no PGRs needed
if grown cool.
Is there a more reliable performer for novice gardeners than coleus?
‘Trusty Rusty’ is a Simply Beautiful selection. Its copper leaves are
fringed in yellow, an amazing accent up close or at a distance. This is a
large-leafed and late-to-flower variety.
A perfect landscaping series, Plentifall Pansy remains flat while
spreading. Ideal for cool weather applications, this series works well
in baskets for early spring and fall sales. Well branched, it’s a great
“spiller” in mixed containers. The medium-sized blooms handle rain
better than larger-flowered types. PlentiFall has similar culture to
multiflora pansies. Left to right are ‘Purple Wing,’ ‘Lavender Blue,’
‘White,’ and ‘Mix.’
‘Goldmine Yellow’ from Ball was among the varieties in the extensive mum trials hosted by George Sant & Sons Greenhouses.

While wandering the greenhouses, we noticed a number of fall containers
from George Sant & Sons Greenhouses waiting their turn to ship, each
with an imaginative recipe of colour, texture and impressive height.
Incorporating more sustainability measures into your program? How about
biodegradable containers in biodegradable trays from Ball BioPackaging.
According to a recent survey, about a quarter of households are involved
in vegetable gardening. One of the bigger players on the supply side is
Burpee Home Gardens, the focus of considerable branding and promotion
over the years.

This Ball FloraPlant offering is more controlled and mounded than other
strawflowers. The Dreamtime bracteantha series keeps their compact shape
from greenhouse to garden. Comfortable in both the cool and the heat,
they can be grown early and late. They work well in pots, planters,
baskets and borders. Pictured is ‘Jumbo Pure White.’


The Confetti Garden program from Dummen has proven extremely popular
with growers and retailers. These are mixed varieties of vegetative
plants perfectly matched in colour, timing and vigour. By transplanting
one instead of three liners, they are quick to transplant and save time,
labour and money. They’re geared for instant success. The combinations
usually include calibrachoas, petunias and verbenas.
The Empress verbena series is at home in either containers or flower
beds. It is easy to grow and has a semi-upright habit. Empress verbena
are tolerant of both heat and cold. They prefer full sun and moderate
amounts of water, and will grow between six and 12 inches tall. For
spring 2011, Dummen is offering 16 varieties in the Empress series.
Their enormous flowers make Dummen’s Salmon series of New Guinea
impatiens true sales superstars. They’re not shy in any display or
garden! In this photo, Magnum ‘Salmon’ in the foreground, and ‘White
Blush’ is just behind.

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