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Gardening expert names top five trends

May 14, 2008  By Amanda Ryder


Gardening expert names top five trends
Gardening expert Mark Cullen reveals his top five picks for gardening trends in 2008.

outdoorGardening expert Mark Cullen reveals his top five picks for gardening trends in 2008.


Here's a list of the trends that Cullen predicts gardeners will follow as they work to fill their gardens this spring:

  • Environment. Canadian gardeners are more eco-conscious than ever before. They want good looking gardens but not at the cost of the environment.
  • Small is beautiful. More and more Canadians are moving into larger houses on smaller lots. The Canadian Home Builders Association has determined that average new home sizes continue to grow, while average lot sizes are being reduced. This latest trend creates interesting challenges and opportunities for gardeners.
  • Gardening for health. Experts at Gardening Life magazine have determined that the number one reason Canadians garden is "to feel good." Whether we are trying to get the blood flowing or relax after a tough day, Canada's favorite outdoor activity provides a healthy solution for both.
  • Lifestyle. The "garden" is now part of the entire decorating package that includes bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more. Canadians continue to bring the indoors outdoors.
  • Containers. Due to inclement weather Canadians are familiar with keeping planted pots, window boxes or containers of some kind in their homes. Recently, a trend towards outdoor containers has emerged and perennials and shrubs are being used to dress up patios, decks, walkways and virtually any hard surfaces.

Cullen is currently working in partnership with Home Hardware and will host events at four locations across Canada, during a highly anticipated second annual cross-country tour. Beginning on the west coast and heading east, Cullen will offer the latest trends and products in lawn care and gardening, specific to each region's climate and soil type.

A complete list of tour dates is available on Mark Cullen's website at

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