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Free software helps growers time crops through temperature

January 16, 2013  By Brandi Cowen

Flowers On Time helps growers determine how changes in temperature affects crop flowering. (Courtesy Michigan State University Extension.)

A new piece of free software helps greenhouse growers estimate the effects of changing air temperatures on flowering time for crops.

The software – called Flowers On Time – was developed from research at Michigan State University and the University of Minnesota, with input from the University of Florida.



MSU Extension reports:


“The software is simple to use and only requires you input the species or cultivar from a drop down menu (65 plants), the standard production time in days from transplant to flowering, and your standard average growing temperature. The model then takes that information and provides you with a table and graph of the estimated days to flower at up to 6F either above or below your ‘standard’ production temperature.”


The software is available at the Floriculture Research Alliance website.


To learn more about the software, click here.

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