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Flairosol ImPress wins innovation award

February 11, 2013  By Canadian Florist

Feb. 11, 2013 — Flairosol ImPress, the dispenser for Pokon’s new
two-in-one leaf fertilizer and shine power spray, has been awarded the
Dispensing Innovation Award at this year’s Paris Aerosol &
Dispensing Forum.

The award recognizes and promotes the most innovative products in the world of dispensing. An independent jury of industry experts representing multi-nationals, packaging manufacturers and the media presented the award to Flairosol ImPress’ inventor, Afa Dispensing Group, on Feb. 6

For the introduction of Flairosol ImPress, Afa teamed up with Pokon Naturado BV, a well-known plant care brand in the Netherlands. Pokon was inspired by the uniqueness of Flairosol ImPress, and chose to launch the market’s first two-in-one leaf fertilizer and leaf shine indoor plant care product in the dispenser.


The Flairosol-Pokon Powerspray was recognized by the jury for its powerful spray from a non-pressurized, propellant-free package. Particular reference was made to the product’s ability to deliver a very good quality spray over a wide surface area, despite the absence of propellant gases. The environmental benefits of non-pressurized, VOC-free dispensing technology, combined with the attractive design and 360 degree functionality also contributed to Flairosol win.

Flairosol is an airless spray package based on Afa’s Flair technology platform. It consists of a double-layered plastic bottle and a trigger-operated dispenser, which gives a consistent, fine mist-like spray. Flairosol offers 360 degree spraying, while its curved design fits comfortably in the hand for an attractive look and feel. The combination of reusable dispensers and refill bottles adds to Flairosol’s environmental advantages.

“We were enthusiastic about Flairosol from the outset and saw it as a must-have solution for our customers,” said Ben Scheer, marketing manager for Pokon. “The Flairosol dispensing system creates a modern and pleasing user experience, spraying very small droplets over a wide area of the plant with the power normally associated with an aerosol.”

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