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Five easy ways to improve customer service

February 11, 2014
By Marc Gordon


Feb. 11, 2014 — It's been said that if you make your customers happy,
everything else will take care of itself. However the problem for many
businesses is they don't have the resources to create and implement
effective customer service programs.

Here are five quick and easy ways to improve your customer service with no special training required:

  1. Stay
    professional. Whether on the phone or in person, how you present
    yourself will have a huge impact on how people communicate with you. Be
    polite, courteous, attentive and caring.
  2. Say thank you. Let
    your clients know you appreciate them with a quick phone call, a hand
    written note or even a small gift to thank them for their business or a
  3. Be accessible. While no one expects you to be
    available every minute of the day, make it easy for customers to reach
    you or your staff. Email, voicemail, texts and social media are all ways
    you can make yourself available. Most importantly, make sure to respond
  4. Ask what, not why. As in "what can we do to make
    things right" instead of "why are you having this problem." Never put a
    customer on the defensive.
  5. Follow up. If you suspect that a
    customer is not 100 per cent happy with their experience with you or
    your company, follow up afterwards by phone or email. While it may feel
    awkward, your attentiveness alone may often be enough to make things
    right. And it will always be appreciated.

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