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First aquaponics cannabis facility to use coho salmon

January 7, 2020  By Habitat Craft Cannabis

A BC-based cannabis producer will be the first aquaponics cannabis facility to use coho salmon.

Habitat Craft Cannabis has received a micro-cultivation licence from Health Canada, allowing them to cultivate craft cannabis and coho salmon at its fully constructed aquaponics facility in Chase, B.C

Harnessing a proprietary aquaponics system the producer hopes to garner a terpene-rich and cannabinoid-rich flower while using eco-responsible practices.


“We are the first aquaponic cannabis cultivators to use coho salmon. This gives us a unique opportunity to compete in two exciting and emerging industries; craft cannabis and inland salmon production,” said Rudi Schiebel, Co-Founder and CEO of Habitat. “As a customer-focused organization, providing consumers with high-quality salmon and premium craft cannabis simultaneously is a feat we are proud of; but being able to reimagine agriculture and its relationship with the environment around us is why we get up in the morning.”

Habitat’s management team has strong experience in both aquaculture and cannabis cultivation industries. Laine Keyes, a Co-Founder and Chief Cultivator at Habitat, has over a decade of cultivation and breeding experience in legal cannabis operations, and Justin Henry, Habitat’s Director of Aquaculture, is a 25-years experienced veteran in the inland recirculating aquaculture industry.

Habitat’s aquaponic system recycles 99 percent of its water and uses 100 percent of its waste during the symbiotic production of its organic cannabis. With industry-leading yields on select strains and top-tier cannabinoid content, Habitat is set to prove that organic and sustainable cannabis is better for consumers and investors.

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