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Greenhouse light abatement bylaws, now what?

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March 08, 2021

Greenhouse light abatement bylaws, now what?

Complying with light abatement regulations without compromising your crops and the growing climate

Municipalities are implementing strict bylaws for greenhouse horticultural operations who are artificially lighting their crops out of necessity to extend their growing season. Investments in light abatement screens not only provide these operations with the necessary resolve to contain the light but to also reduce their energy costs. That’s a good thing right?

But what if the bylaws do not allow these growing operations to gap their light abatement blackout curtains in a proper and efficient way? This creates a big challenge for growers to mitigate high humidity and heat build-up in their greenhouse.

Join Svensson and Priva for this informative and inactive virtual session as they share their insights and recommendations for keeping plants in balance under these unusual circumstances.

Engage with Svesson and Priva specialists during this free virtual session brought to you by the ACT Group of industry leaders, who together share decades of greenhouse growing experience.

March 8: 1pm – 2 PM EST

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