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American Society for Horticultural Science Conference

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August 09 - August 13, 2020

2020 ASHS Virtual Conference

August 9 – 13

(August 9 – Education & Career Day)

Registration Required

The Annual Meeting of ASHS is where the latest science and technology is being showcased related to horticulture.  Our mission is to bring together horticulture researchers, scientists, industry, academia, government, and students to cultivate ideas and share new techniques.

The meeting focuses on the distribution of science through technical sessions, poster and abstract presentations, keynote speakers, and workshops. Enjoy networking and group activities where you can catch up with peers. There is also a spotlight on students–from career path mentoring to competitions and group activities to create relationships that can last throughout your career.



What Will a Virtual Conference Look Like?


What Will a Virtual Conference Look Like?


PROGRAM– The program will remain mostly the same. We might move some of the 8 a.m. sessions to later in the day to accommodate the western part of the country.


Oral Sessions – These will remain as they are currently scheduledOral presenters will pre-record their talks.  These will be made available to Conference registrants starting Friday, August 7th.  Registrants can either listen/watch them at their leisure before the conference or schedule to listen to them during the scheduled time of the session and then attend the LIVE Q&A period.

All Session speakers are REQUIRED to attend the LIVE Question and Answer period AT THE END OF their session time with the other speakers from the session to answer questions. Conference registrants can either attend these LIVE events or type in their questions ahead of time.  During the LIVE Q&A, the Oral presenters will answer all questions that have been submitted, and they will be available for any discussion stemming from them, and pose their own questions. The session moderator will facilitate a discussion.


Poster Sessions – These will remain as they are currently scheduled.  All poster presenters will create E-posters with oral and video attachments. These will become available to Conference registrants by Friday, August 7th.  Poster presenters are REQUIRED to attend a LIVE Question & Answer period DURING their session with other speakers from the session to answer questions. Questions can be submitted at anytime prior to the poster session.  During the LIVE Q & A, the poster presenters will answer all questions that have been submitted, and they will be available for any discussion stemming from those that listed to the E-posters during the actual session time.


Workshops – These will remain as they are currently scheduled and will be presented LIVE.  If the speakers are not available to present LIVE, they may pre-record their talk. The moderator will play this recording during the LIVE session.  Workshops may include demonstrations, facility tours, polling and possible panel and/or breakout discussion groups.


Keynotes and Plenaries – These will remain as they are currently scheduled and will be presented LIVE.


COMPETITONS: Refer to the Conference Competition pages for the full description of each competition.


Undergraduates Oral and Posters – These will follow the oral and poster session formats as detailed above. Undergraduate students can attend the conference for free. However, they MUST become members first before they register for the conference.


Graduate Student Poster Competition – E-posters will be judged online and contestant will be scheduled for a LIVE meeting with judges.


Scholars Ignite will be held LIVE


Early Career Competition – will be held LIVE




Education and Career Day – This will be held LIVE on Sunday, August 9th at its current time.


Leadership Training Session – This will be held LIVE. Registration is free but is REQUIRED as there is “homework” to be completed in advance of the session.


Hands-On Floral Design Seminar – This will be held LIVE. Registration is REQUIRED.  Deadline is July 29th


Student Awards Night – This will be held LIVE.


Industry Ignite! This will be held LIVE.


New Cultivar Ignite! This will be pre-recorded.


Social Events – All ASHS Staff will hold coffee and happy hours to meet with ASHS members and conference registrants and answer questions.

Universities and organizations are encouraged to schedule alumni events and happy hours.  Please contact Negar Mahdavian with your time and date.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the ASHS Conference be held in Orlando?

As of the first week of June, the conference is still scheduled to be held at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, along with a fully virtual program for those unable, or uncomfortable, with travel to Orlando.

  • I’ve seen some other organizations that have cancelled their physical meeting this year and gone exclusively virtual—why hasn’t ASHS?

Organizations sign contracts with hotel(s) and convention properties, which are binding to both parties. The facilities are required to offer the services stated in the contract, and the organizations are required to meet the minimums of purchased services (rooms, food and beverage, etc.) or face monetary penalties (which are substantial). As of now, the state of Florida, Orange County, and the city of Orlando are continuing their phased reopening. This reopening plan includes strict sanitary and social distancing guidelines for conference facilities. Under these plans, the Rosen Plaza anticipates it will meet the requirements to physically hold the ASHS Conference. Accordingly, ASHS is contractually obligated to be at the hotel and hold the meeting August 9-13, 2020. These meetings are state- and locale-specific. Several organizations have meetings scheduled this year in places that have already stated that physical meetings will not be allowed to occur as scheduled.

  • What would cause the physical meeting to be cancelled?

If the state of Florida and the local governments determine that the phased reopening is not going according to established parameters, and these parameters are such that the hotel is unable to meet its obligations, the meeting would be physically cancelled and will be held virtually only. This is a fluid situation dependent on determinations by Florida and Orange County health services.

Conference Program

Keep checking the Conference Website as new information is updated frequently.

Be part of the conference by submitting an oral or poster abstract – Click here to submit abstract

Submit a workshop (for ASHS Professional Interest Groups only) – Click here to submit workshop proposal

General Conference Information

Check out the registration rates (below) and complete your registration in January 2020

Find out about discount rates for hotel and travel to the Conference

There are travel grant opportunities for students – don’t miss out!

Career Center


Group Activities for 2020

Luncheon Series with Featured Speakers

Keynotes and plenaries

Opening Welcome Reception

Sightseeing and Professional Tours

Student Education & Career Day – August 9th

Student Competitions

Students Award Night – August 12th

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