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Ethnic Canadians prefer businesses who get involved

August 13, 2009  By Amanda Ryder

Aug. 13, 2009 – Companies may benefit from contributing to ethnic communities according to an Ipsos Reid poll.

Companies may benefit from contributing to ethnic communities
according to an Ipsos Reid poll. This study was conducted on the
Multicultural Connection Panel and finds that six-in-ten ethnic and new
Canadians agree that they are more likely to deal with a company that
gets involved with their ethnic community (61% with 19% strongly agree
and 42% somewhat agree). Only one-in-ten disagree (9% with 3% strongly
disagree and 6% somewhat disagree), while three-in-ten are on the
fence, neither agreeing nor disagreeing (30%). In particular, Canadians
of Chinese backgrounds are more likely to agree with this statement
than Canadians from South Asian backgrounds (66% versus 53%).

There are numerous opportunities for companies to take part in
ethnic events and activities and leave a positive impact. For instance,
an overwhelming majority of ethnic and new Canadians feel it is
worthwhile for companies to sponsor cultural events (86% with 34% very
worthwhile and 52% somewhat worthwhile). The following lists other ways
companies could get involved with ethnic communities that are deemed

  • Helping the poor in ethnic communities (84% with 44% very worthwhile and 40% somewhat worthwhile);
  • Helping new immigrants settle to life in Canada (83% with 48% very worthwhile and 35% somewhat worthwhile);
  • Donating to the construction of new community facilities (82% with 37% very worthwhile and 45% somewhat worthwhile); and,
  • Sponsoring local amateur sports in ethnic communities (75% with 22% very worthwhile and 53% somewhat worthwhile).

“Because there are still only a handful of companies that are
reaching out to each ethnic community, a well thought out community
initiative that resonates with the ethnic group can have immediate
impact,” says Jill Hong, Vice President at Ipsos Reid in Toronto. “It
can generate immediate word of mouth and goodwill resulting in
increased awareness, visit/purchase and usage of your brand or product.
By sponsoring cultural events, companies are one with the community,
celebrating with families to give a voice to immigrants’ cultures,
especially important for groups who are both missing home and creating
a new home in Canada.”

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