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Environmentally friendly tow tractor

August 14, 2017  By Dave Harrison

Aug. 14, 2017, Sarasota, FL – The new dual electric or solar-powered Multiple Use Tow Tractor by ScoringAg can handle a variety of duties in the greenhouse and nursery industries.

It is only 38 inches (6.62 cm) wide with front and or rear hitches and can have a set of optional pusher bars.
It has zero pollution and requires no oil changes, no warm-up time and offers plenty of power and a set of lights. It is equipped with reflectors for working in dim light conditions of greenhouses.
It is powered by an 18 HP, 36-volt electric fan-cooled drive motor. It has on-board, three-bank smart charger that helps prolong battery life. There is even an option for solar charging the batteries!

It can be fully charged in about eight to ten hours.


For food safety concerns, the tractor can be sanitized and wiped down to prevent plant disease migration and prevent foodborne pathogens.

There are available attachments for cleaning, power broom sweeping, leaf vacuuming and plant spraying as well as light or heavy towing covers some of the many chores of a greenhouse operation.

An attached hand tool storage rack makes the job easier too.
An on-board, 2,000-pound winch provides power for lifting attachments or sliding equipment into place.

The tractor weighs just 900 pounds (408 kilograms), including the heavy-duty batteries.

It handles electric support equipment, including electric scissor lifts with its front and rear electric outlets.

For more information, visit ScoringAg Inc.

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