When it comes to adding energy curtains (sometimes referred to as thermal blankets) to a greenhouse everyone focuses on energy savings. And certainly energy savings should be a major factor in any greenhouse grower’s decision to purchase energy curtains.
June 17, 2017, Mona, UT – In recognition of leading energy saving efforts, Houweling’s Group was among four companies honored recently as part of Utah’s Energy Efficiency Challenge.
March 29, 2015, Madrid, Spain – Researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Università Politecnica delle Marche have found that green roofs with high vegetation density are 60 per cent more efficient than non-green roofs.
June 27, 2014, Leamington, Ont. — This past winter has been a tough one for Ontario greenhouse operators.
Culinary students at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology are getting a lesson in what fresh fruits, veggies and herbs look like before they make it into the kitchen, courtesy of a tiny high-tech greenhouse.
For Mucci Farms, the issues facing greenhouse growers are connected. Rising transportation costs, increasing competition and the need to more efficiently utilize resources can be addressed with a comprehensive marketing and sustainable growth plan.
In recent years, biogas has been slowly gaining recognition as a renewable resource that can contribute to addressing current and future energy needs across Canada.
The future of vertical farming may lie not in soaring urban skyscrapers lit by the sun, but in large suburban warehouses awash in pink LED light , according to Purdue University's Cary Mitchell.
Syngenta’s new Advanced Crop Lab houses 30 climate-controlled growth environments in all-glass greenhouses and insulated glass walls that provide a nearly shadowless indoor environment.
PhotoFuel's P-Film greenhouse cover has growers thinking pink. The cover is designed to shift the wavelengths of light entering the greenhouse, giving plants more light from the portion of the spectrum they need to thrive.
When Barnes Greenhouses' vernalized perennials began displaying weak stems, extended internode length and lack of colour after transplant, the solution was straightforward: the plants needed more light.
May 10,2013 – The growers at Thanet Earth produce consistently great quality tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for the UK’s best-known retail shelves. The site has proven its ability to grow tomatoes 52 weeks of the year and boasts the longest UK seasons on cucumbers and peppers. This is all credit to the original vision of the project partners, their state of the art greenhouses and the expertise in every function. It’s all supported one of the most efficient packhouses in operation in the UK.

The demand for crops grown at Thanet Earth is huge.

The site’s partners know their product excels in quality against every competitor in benchmarking samples. Through the winter in particular, to be able to offer UK-grown tomatoes which far exceed the quality that the finest growers in ‘seasonal’ areas of Europe can offer (and which carry a lower carbon footprint than all other international sources) makes the Thanet Earth proposition unique. The UK’s shoppers want locally grown food. They care about what’s written on the label, and the Thanet Earth crops are fulfilling a very real demand.

The fourth greenhouse covers approximately 8 hectares, and will be dedicated to tomato production. The cost of construction (including its Combined Heat & Power infrastructure and its link to the site electrical substation) has been some £17 million. The greenhouse is owned jointly by the project partners (Fresca Group, Rainbow UK, A&A Growers and Kaaij UK), and will be managed on a day-to-day basis by Gert van Straalen of tomato specialist Kaaij UK.

This exciting development phase is important not only to the Thanet Earth site but to the local economy and community. Since its inception the site has provided an important source of work and has become a notable local landmark that represents significant inward investment in an area with an identified need for regeneration and new industry. Since 2009 the site has paid over £28 million in wages alone with over 71% remaining in the immediate Thanet area. The new greenhouse now provides employment and seasonal work opportunities for approximately 100 more people, bringing the total to 600 people at the height of the season.

As with the original three greenhouses, this new production facility will make use of rainwater capture and biological pest control to maintain the site’s top tier environmental credentials. It will also increase the electricity generating capacity of the site overall to 20MW from the 15MW it is able to generate today using its CHP technology. Gert van Straalen, the grower who’ll be looking after the crops in the new greenhouse, is proud to see years of planning come to fruition.
“We know from experience that this site is very special and has all the qualities we look for in greenhouse food production. It’s a great landmark for us and for Thanet to have driven our plans forward to this point. We can’t wait to begin harvesting!”
May 10, 2013, Mount Brydges, Ont. — Flynn Canada has received the Caterpillar Award of Excellence for Commercial Landscape Construction/Installation for its work on the Toronto City Hall Green Roof Project.

This is the first time that a green roof has ever won the award as well as the first time Flynn Canada has been honoured with the award.
The Toronto City Hall installation is Toronto’s largest publicly accessible green roof.  Featuring approximately 36,000 square feet of LiveRoof® modules, the plant mix contains grasses, sedums and perennials.

Gravel pathways with concrete and wooden benches create a walkable park atop the podium deck open to visitors of Nathan Phillips Square. The entire podium deck covers approximately 120,000 square feet.  
LiveRoof Ontario, Inc., a division of Hillen Nursery, Inc., grew the city hall’s green roof at its nursery near London. LiveRoof Ontario and Flynn Canada have collaborated on multiple projects.

Most recently, the two companies completed the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. This green roof features over 67,000 square feet  (1.5 acres) of trial-tested and proven plants.
Green roofs provide more than beauty; their vegetation soaks up rainfall and reduces storm water runoff. Additionally, they help reduce rooftop temperatures during summer, thereby protecting and extending the life of the roof membrane. 

In addition to using plants well-established in soil specially engineered for the extremes of a rooftop environment, the LiveRoof system features a patent-pending hybrid design combining the best features of all green roof systems. The system’s unique design allows for reduced municipal maintenance costs for the city hall’s green roof.
Click here for more information on Gardens in the Sky.

LiveRoof Ontario is the largest modular green roof producer in the province. They have supplied over 350,000 square feet of modular green roofs to date.

LiveRoof, LLC is a leading horticultural science company in the green roof industry. Its technology is showcased in over 800 installations that total more than three million square feet.
May 10, 2013, Friggesund, Sweden — Holmen Skog installed 2,100 units of Valoya Ltd’s LED lights to its fully automated tree nursery here.

The newest part of the nursery is a multilayer growing unit with 12 layers and it sole source of light is Valoya’s LED lights. 

Holmen Skog, a major Swedish forestry company, cultivates 32 million tree seedlings annually to reforest its forests. Most of its tree seedlings come from one of its two own nurseries.

The nursery in Friggesund has been rebuilt to become a state-of-the-art nursery with year round growing in a multi-layer growing environment and automated transplantation and quality control as well as cold storage.
Use of artificial light is critical for the cultivation of tree seedlings. To ensure high quality plants from this process, Holmen selected Valoya’s products after a rigorous testing process of different options.

Valoya’s LEDs, together with the selected substrates and growing protocols, provide high quality plants, with strong roots and full cold hardiness. The new process enables Holmen Skog to have fully controlled growth, year-round and a 100-fold increase in productivity per area.

Click here to download the complete feature.
A recent combined heat and power (CHP) workshop mapped out a natural gas-fuelled path forward for delivering affordable, efficient energy.
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