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Energy management and innovative technologies will be highlighted at Horti Fair 2012

September 18, 2012  By Treena Hein

Horti Fair takes place at the end of October in the Netherlands.

Next month, many seminars, displays and hands-on demonstrations of cutting-edge greenhouse energy management technology will be part of Horti Fair 2012, “the biggest international trade fair for technology, innovation and inspiration in horticulture.”


Horti Fair this year will be held from October 30 to November 2 in the Netherlands, with 600 exhibitors from 32 countries, seminars, the International HortiCongress, network gatherings and other high-profile events. Registration for the conference is free and there is a nominal charge of 40 Euros for one or more of the many seminars.


The Horti Fair (link here) includes ‘The International HortiCongress 2012’ on October 30. This congress will be a journey into how high-tech greenhouse horticulture holds important keys to providing sustainable food for a growing world population. Top international experts will do presentations.

The themed pavilions at the Horti Fair include ‘The House of Technology & Innovation,’ which will “function as a centre for the exchange of technological information and knowledge.”

Horti Fair is part of Hortiweek in the Netherlands.

The Horti Fair seminar topics are as follows:

Tuesday 30 October

12.00: ‘Climate monitoring and advice’ (Climeco Engineering B.V.)
12.00: ‘Plants as air purifiers’ (Fytagoras)
14.30: ‘Investment in practice’ (Van der Hoeven Horticultural projects)
14.30: ‘Precision Growing’ (Grodan – Horti Alliance)
14.30: ‘Horticultural cooperation Japan, Sendai’ (Greenport Holland International)
17.00: ‘Sustainable Growing’ (Koppert Biological Systems, Grodan, Nunhems Zaden, DLV Plant)
Non stop: ‘Carrièreplaza  Workshops’ (Carrièreplaza)

Wednesday 31 October

10.30: ‘Retailing The BRAND, increase your brand value’ (Fides – Horti Alliance)
10.30: ‘Light on rootzone’ (Cultilene, Fytagoras, FFEW Technology)
10.30: ‘HELP… my plant talks!’ (Priva)
12.00: ‘Geothermal Energy’ (ArendSosef – Horti Alliance)
12.00: ‘Doubled haploids, breeding and moleculair markers’ (Fytagoras)
12.00: ‘Next generation semi closed greenhouse’ (AVAG)
14.30: ‘“Off”-site crop management’ (GreenQ)
14.30: ‘How to increase yields in tomato with LED’ (Philips Lighting)
14.30: ‘Think Orange, Grow Green!’ (NethWork)
17.00: ‘Multi-Layer growing, the new way of efficient growing’ (Philips Lighting)
Non stop: ‘Carrièreplaza  Workshops’ (Carrièreplaza)

Thursday 1 November

12.00: ‘Sustainable High-Yield Production’ (Kubo Sustainable Greenhouse Projects – Horti Alliance)
12.00: ‘Every square meter counts’ (BergHortimotive)
14.30: ‘The chances and challenges in Biobased Economy’ (Centre for Biobased Economy)
17.00: ‘Sustainable Growing’ (Koppert Biological Systems, Grodan, Nunhems Zaden, DLV Plant)
Non stop: ‘Carrièreplaza Workshops’ (Carrièreplaza)
Afternoon: Najaarsconferentie Greenport Holland/Gemeente Westland (visit for the program and registration)

Friday 2 November

Non stop: ‘Carrièreplaza Workshops’ (Carrièreplaza)


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