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Editorial: January/February 2006

March 6, 2008
By Anja Sonnenberg


Canadian Garden Centre & Nursery magazine is adding something new this year.

Something New in 2006

Canadian Garden Centre & Nursery magazine is adding something new this year.


In the next issue, we'll be introducing members of an informal editorial advisory board, who will keep the magazine relevant on current and future trends facing the industry.  Made up of industry experts representing all aspects of the horticultural field across Canada, members will provide feedback throughout the year to help the magazine better suit your needs.  In addition to the editorial advisory board, we will continue to welcome your feedback at trade shows, seminars, workshops and conferences, and via e-mails and telephone calls.

You may wonder why we decided to implement the editorial advisory board now and not when the magazine was launched in 2001 – the answer can be found with the current and changing status of the market.

The Canadian horticultural industry has been undergoing major changes and although the outlook for the future remains optimistic, the traditional garden centres of days of old are quickly disappearing.  Change is the only constant in life.  If you're not willing to change, you run the risk of losing the edge over your competition. 

We've been talking about 'Destination Garden Centres' for years now.  The market continues to grow and the expectations of customers keep soaring higher.  Many garden centres have already altered their business to become full-scale 'leisure destination' centres offering a rewarding shopping experience based around plants and gardening products.   These companies will continue to grow in the future because they're making the effort to improve their existing business.

On the other hand, I've seen several garden centres close because they were unsuccessful to change.  Just this past fall, I noticed a garden centre around the corner from my neighbourhood close in the fall.  I had originally thought that they we're closing for the season, like they did every year, but then I saw the greenhouses being dismantled and the permanent structures being removed.  They could always be rebuilding or renovating, I thought to myself, but I had a sinking suspicion that they wouldn't be reopening.  Surrounded by new residential subdivisions, I'm sure the owners of the garden centre in question were offered a hefty sum of money for their property.  They may have been looking to sell for some time, who knows?  I do know that they will be missed in the neighbourhood.

The future of Canadian Garden Centre & Nursery is obviously dependent on the success of the horticultural industry in Canada.  That's why the editorial advisory board will be critical in helping us grow to better suit your needs.

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