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Easy to care for Lickety-Split

October 15, 2015
By Dave Harrison


Oct. 2015 — “Lickety-Split” is Oglesby Plants International’s new hybrid Philodendron with tough, dark-green foliage. It develops its adult split-leaf characteristics earlier than most selloum varieties…

One of its most notable characteristics is as it matures, each new leaf is different from the last with more fingers, more frill, more something giving the overall plant an ever changing appearance. This is an especially easy to care for interior or southern landscape plant that brings a tropical look to the home, office or landscape. “Lickety-Split” is ideal for 6 to 8 inch or larger pot sizes. It was voted Favourite New Foliage Plant at TPIE 2015. Click here for more information. Oglesby


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