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Sollum Technologies raises $30 million to support the growth of its operations

Sollum offers greenhouse growers a technology that has become the standard for fully dynamic smart LED lighting.

Kam’s Growers Supply and Royal Brinkman to officially become Royal Brinkman Canada

In January 2022, Kam’s Growers Supply became part of the Royal Brinkman Group. This allowed both companies to provide better service with a broader product range and inventory.

Pure Flavor acquires DeTemporada Farms 

Through its owned farms and family of growers, Pure Flavor now manages nearly 1,000 acres of greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables. 


MQ-610: 380-760 nm ePAR Meter

The MQ-610 has a hand-held meter, attached via cable, that displays and stores measurements. The sensor features a rugged, aluminum housing that is fully-submersible and built to withstand harsh conditions. Typical applications of ePAR sensors include total ePAR intensity measurements over plant canopies in all growing environments, monitor and adjust grow lights, research plant morphogenic activity, and photobiology studies. » Learn more

The value of automation

Automation gives farmers the ability to produce consistent, repeatable crops while helping improve efficiency, from both plant-yield and energy-reduction perspectives. Without automation in your growing facility, you’ll spend more money on labor and have less/lower-quality product to sell. » Learn more

How LED dynamic lighting contributes to pest management

With Sollum’s dynamic LED grow lights, growers can easily modify their photoperiod, light intensity, light spectrum and lighting zones at any time. This means that supplemental lighting is no longer a simple ON/OFF switch but can be used to assess how light affects different insects and mites in the greenhouse. » Learn more

Plant Protection: Managing Greenhouse Insect & Mite Pests

Raymond A. Cloyd, an extension Specialist in Ornamental Entomology/Integrated Pest Management at Kansas State University, discusses the common insect and mite pests of ornamental crops and how to treat their infestations. Cloyd explains insecticide and chemical classes and modes of operation, proper tank mixing procedures, application coverage and timing, and pesticide storage.

He also talks about phytotoxicity and the effects of pH on chemical effectiveness. A final chapter on pest identification describes common insets and mite pests, their feeding patterns and damage to crops, and control methods. » Order now

Delta 9 reduces cannabis production by 40 per cent, with temporary layoff of 40 staff

The company is working closely with employees to reduce the impact of this decision, including continuing to cover costs for benefits and other transitional services. » Read More...

Spring Meadow Nursery introduces new Proven Winners ColourChoice varieties

The new varieties will be available for viewing throughout January in the Spring Meadow booth at select trade shows. » Read More...

Terra Nova Nurseries announces Plant Pairings for Pantone Colour of the Year 2023

The Terra Nova roundup of best-of-breeding varieties showcases a range of hues and tones that seamlessly coordinate with the vim and vigor of Viva Magenta. » Read More...


Tropical Plant International Expo

January 18 – 20, 2023
Tampa, Florida
» Learn More

Scotia Horticultural Congress

January 23 – 24, 2023
Greenwich, Nova Scotia
» Learn More

IPM Essen

January 24 – 27, 2023
Essen, Germany
» Learn More

LMHIA Horticulture Growers’ Short Course & Pacific Ag Show

January 26 – 28, 2023
Abbotsford, British Columbia
» Learn More

Future of Food Conference

February 15, 2023
Ottawa, Ontario
» Learn More

Northwest Flower & Garden Festival

February 15 – 19, 2023
Seattle, Washington
» Learn More