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Ontario’s new Crop Protection Hub

Ontario’s new Crop Protection Hub is designed to combines pesticide data from a variety of sources into one location. For Greenhouse Floriculture crops, the Ontario Crop Protection Hub shows fungicides and insecticides that were in Publication 370 but are now up-to-date with new registrations, de-registrations, and changes to use patterns.

Loblaw announces Small Supplier Program

Loblaw is introducing a new Small Supplier Program, aimed at providing additional support and resources to more than a thousand existing Canadian growers and local product creators. Launching January 2024, the company said it plans to assist small suppliers by making adjustments to supply chain programs, subsidizing retail industry fees, and providing suppliers with dedicated team members, training and resources.

CED invests in MegaDomeTM metal greenhouses manufacturers

The Canadian government has made an investment of $4 million in repayable contributions to Les Industries Harnois and Industries Mailhot. Les Industries Harnois, active in the metal processing sector since 1965, specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of MegaDomeTM metal greenhouses and building structures for agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications.


Guardian CEA Multi-Sensor Monitor

The Apogee Guardian controlled environment agriculture (CEA) monitor is an elegant device that provides accurate measurements of important indoor environmental parameters.

The Guardian is a user-friendly datalogger with multiple integrated sensors to measure PAR (SM-500) or ePAR (SM-600), air temperature, humidity, vapor pressure deficit and dewpoint, CO2 concentration, barometric pressure, daily light integral, and photoperiod.

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What the future brings

A greenhouse needs to adapt and evolve to survive. This has been true since the invention of a rudimentary greenhouse that grew cucumber-like vegetables year-round for Roman emperor Tiberius (AD 14–37) to the first artificially heated greenhouse in Korea in the 1450s to the first ‘modern’ greenhouse — the UK’s Chelsea Physic Garden (1681).1 It will be true when food is grown on Mars. By J Lynn Fraser. » Read more...

Greenhouse automation: we need ‘all hands on deck’

I’ve always been interested in what underpins business success. How do managers make the best decisions? What tools help them make decisions that support business competitiveness despite changes in the industry? The answers to these questions are usually messy because running a business is hard work, studying human behaviour is challenging, and the context behind decision making is changing. By Rita Sterne, PhD. » Read more...

Herbaceous Perennial Plants

The third edition of “The Big Perennial Book” (as it is fondly referred to by many practitioners) describes 3,600 species in 1224 pages. More than 300 colour photos complement detailed text filled with the author’s pointed observations of plant performance, cultivar selection and current taxonomy.

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Industry news 

Canadian greenhouse grower expands production to California

Nature Fresh Farms is expanding production to the West Coast, partnering with grower Millennium Pacific to bring California-grown Hiiros Tomatoes to the market. With the expansion of production to the West Coast, the company will first introduce conventional California-grown Hiiros Tomatoes to market, with further expansion into organics and commodities, including peppers and cucumbers, on the horizon. » Read More...

Netafim partners with Vermillion growers to open a state-of-the-art greenhouse

Netafim has partnered with Vermillion Growers to build the first ever large-scale vegetable greenhouse in Manitoba. Based in Dauphin, Vermillion Growers will begin growing tomatoes year-round across 10 acres, with plans to expand their production area and grow additional crops. » Read More...


Canadian Fruit and Vegetable Summit    -    November 29, 2023

November 29, 2023 | 327 Ontario St. – St. Catharines, ON » Learn more...

Great Lakes Expo

December 5, 2023 | 303 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan » Learn more...