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Government invests $7.7 million in Manitoba Métis Federation toward sustainable farming

The Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister of Northern Affairs, minister responsible for PrairiesCan and CanNor, and Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface–Saint Vital, announced a total investment of up to $7.7 million for the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF).

New soil testing and analysis service with Vineland

Vineland has launched their new soil testing and analysis services to growers across Ontario. The service is “informed by over 10 years of research conducted in a range of managed landscapes,” and aims to provide growers with key information they need to build “soil function that supports plant survival, establishment and growth.”

Paul Boers Manufacturing acquires Omni Structures

Paul Boers Manufacturing acquired Omni Structures on June 30, as Brad Salter, the previous long-time owner of Omni Structures was looking for a succession plan for his company.


Dirr's Encyclopedia of Trees & Shrubs

With Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs and Dirr’s Trees and Shrubs for Warm Climates, Michael Dirr set the gold standard for horticultural reference.

Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs is the most comprehensive visual reference on this important subject.

In a class by itself for its quality of information, the best researched recommendations for hardiness in the industry, beautiful photography, and Dirr’s own preeminence as a master plantsman, Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs is a critical addition to any garden library.

» Order Now

Alberta report: new research and industry update

A collaborative project conducted by scientists at Lethbridge College’s Centre for Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and an industry partner has revealed some useful results for Canada’s greenhouse industry, some of which will be investigated further. The study was funded by the provincial ‘Results Driven Agriculture Research’ program. By Treena Hein. » Learn more

New research shows red-light application could improve yield in some tomato crops

New research is emerging that suggests adding far-red light during the entire photoperiod alongside the standard PAR light can increase yield in some tomato crops. » Learn more
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“Bylaws governing energy efficiency and light abatement will become the standard”

The implementation of energy curtains and screens in the horticultural industry of North America, particularly in Canada, has been on the rise due to various factors. Matt Bonavita, General Manager and President of Ludvig Svensson Inc, the North-American branch of the company, believes that these practices will soon become the industry standard. » Read More...

Partnership for commercial implementation of eco-friendly sterilization technology

Cold Plasma Group Inc. (CPG) has completed a cooperation and licensing agreement with GOC-NEXUS Europe GmbH to supply and to further scale up CPG’s plasma sterilization technology for cannabis. » Read More...

Terra Nova Nurseries to showcase new introductions at Cultivate 2023

Terra Nova Nurseries has announced their list of new plant introductions that will be on display at the company’s Cultivate 2023 exhibit booth. The new varieties debuting at Cultivate 2023 are from a select range of genera, including bergenia, geum, heuchera, penstemon, rudbeckia, scabiosa, and sedum. » Read More...



July 15 - July 18, 2023 | Columbus, Ohio » Learn More

The Garden Center Show

August 8, 2023 | 400 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI » Learn More

Nursery/Landscape Expo

August 9, 2023 | 900 E Market St, San Antonio, Texas » Learn More

World Floral Expo

September 7, 2023 | 655 W 34th St New York, NY » Learn More

Sawaya Gardens Garden Mum Trials Open House

September 14, 2023 | Waterford, Ontario » Learn More

Canadian Greenhouse Conference

October 4, 2023 | Niagara Falls, Ontario »