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Canadian Ag HR Council receives federal funding for workforce support

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is funding ‘Growing the Agriculture Workforce of the Future: Cultivating Canada’s Post-Pandemic Recovery.’

Saskatoon closes city greenhouse, considers replacement

The facility has provided plants for all of the city’s flowerpots, flowerbeds and indoor displays since 1958, but is now at the end of its service life.

OFVGA elects new chair, vice-chair

Shawn Brenn is now chair of the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association, while Mike Chromczak succeeds him in his past role as vice-chair.


Growing media solution for CEA with Jiffy

Soil and water are the most important resources for feeding the world's growing population. Hence, Controlled Environment Agriculture may feed more people with fewer resources (CEA).

And greenhouse farmers can benefit from Jiffy's decades of experience and solutions, such us, Preforma, Substrates, and Pellets. Jiffy offers a broad portfolio of solutions for CEA. For about 95% of all operating systems, we have the perfect solution. Jiffy offers everything from a peat-based substrate to wood fibers to a coco-based substrate, including anything that’s compressed or bonded or anything loose.

» Find out more about Jiffy CEA's growing media solutions.

FVGC launches Canadian Greenhouse Excellence Network at inaugural summit

CGEN will support growers, researchers and solution providers with ways to connect, collaborate, validate and commercialize, based on grower-identified challenges. » Learn more

Flowers Canada tests energy recovery technologies to reduce greenhouse growers’ costs

Four dehumidification and energy recovery technologies were tested for their potential to reduce costs during the peak greenhouse use period of fall through early spring. » Learn more

Optimal Control of Greenhouse Cultivation

Greenhouse control system manufacturers produce equipment and software with hundreds of settings and, while they hold training courses on how to adjust these settings, there is as yet no integrated instruction on when or why.

Consolidating 30 years of research in greenhouse climate control, Optimal Control of Greenhouse Cultivation utilizes mathematical models to incorporate the wealth of scientific knowledge into a feasible optimal control methodology for greenhouse crop cultivation.

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Pure Flavor acquires Cervini Farms C5

The Cervini Farms C5 facility is a neighbour to Pure Flavor’s home farm in Leamington, Ont. The acquisition creates a 350-acre flagship campus. » Read More...

Lakeshore to update greenhouse bylaws and study business park concept

On Feb. 14, Lakeshore’s council heard resident and stakeholder feedback on proposed amendments to an official plan and zoning bylaw addressing large-scale greenhouse farms. » Read More...

Nature Fresh Farms expanding sales staff

As the business continues to evolve, three new key account managers have joined its sales team, both from within and outside the company. » Read More...


North American Strawberry Symposium

March 7-10
San Luis Obispo, California
» Learn More

Greentech Americas

March 21-23
Queretaro, Mexico
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