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A shortage of Canadian farm operators is looming, report says

A report from the Royal Bank of Canada says more than 40 per cent of farm operators will retire over the next decade, leaving Canada with a shortage.

Ontario strengthening agri-food value chain in Northern Ontario

The Ontario government is providing up to $100,000 to the Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance (NOFIA) to study, assess and grow the network of agri-food producers, processors, distributors, procurers, and consumers in Northern Ontario.

New funding partnership with Canada to expand the Yukon’s local food production

The five-year agreement follows the signing of the Canada-Yukon Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership bilateral agreement with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.


The Global Floriculture Industry

This new volume presents some of the latest research trends and areas of improvement to benefit the floriculture industry and to understand its future directions and prospects. The research addresses the global floriculture industry’s shift from a traditional to a commercial focus. The global economy has spurred entrepreneurs to focus on the growing trend of export oriented floriculture under controlled climatic conditions. The volume also looks at the role of plants in stabilizing the environment and the use of scientific knowledge through research that has changed the perspective of modern floriculture.

This new book is a valuable compilation of the latest research work and areas of improvement in floriculture today.

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Biopesticides: A Primer

An examination of the major categories of biopesticides. » Learn more

Inside View: “New” things to look forward to

With warmer weather and longer days comes the awakening of a seemingly ever-increasing army of pests and diseases to contend with. » Learn more
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Eastern Canadian growers have access to new technical and agronomic services

L'IQDHO, a non-profit technical consulting service, is expanding their services to cannabis growers to help support their cultivation activities. » Read More...

Fewer employees working in the agricultural sector in 2021, report shows

According to a recent Statistics Canada report, there were 276,977 employees in the agriculture sector in 2021, down 0.6 per cent from 2020. » Read More...

Terra Nova Nurseries releases plant attributes varieties lists for 2023

Terra Nova Nurseries has released its select lists of best-of-breeding varieties for five growing attribute categories, including bigger and better foliage, humidity resistance, sun-loving, shade-loving, and compact growth habit. » Read More...


Cultivate    -    July 15-18, 2023

July 15 - July 18, 2023 | Columbus, Ohio » Read More...

The Garden Center Show    -    August 8, 2023

August 8, 2023 | 400 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI » Read More...