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About Us

A Message From Our Publisher

Over the past two decades, CosMic Plants has grown to become one of Canada’s largest growers of Phalaenopsis, with shipments reaching across Canada and the U.S. As the company marks its 20th anniversary, Greenhouse Canada profiles some of CosMic’s history and touches base with the next generation to explore their path to success and gauge what the future may hold.

The future is top of mind for growers who participated in this year’s Grower Survey. See for yourself what challenges growers feel will present opportunities for the next few year years and also what keeps them up at night as we recap some of the results from the survey in this issue.

This month, we dive into the past, present and future of resistance and management of Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) in the greenhouse. This issue also contains a research update on managing cannabis and rice-root aphids from Niagara College researchers working tirelessly to address these pests affecting this high-value crop.

Bedding plant growers may want to check out the latest from Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza on how understanding the very specific and unique needs of each crop is the key to agile management and saving money.

And finally, Rodger Tschanz shares his insights on the top performing perennials at the University of Guelph’s flower trials. See how some of the most popular varieties held up to his close scrutiny.

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