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Enbridge Gas
Reap the rewards of energy efficiency. Image of a smiling greenhouse worker is observing the crops and recording notes on a tablet in Under Sun Acres Inc. greenhouse.
Up to $200,000* back on retrofit and new construction projects
Trim operating costs by improving energy efficiency
Enbridge Gas provides complimentary energy advisory services to greenhouse customers. Through our energy conservation programs, you have access to a dedicated Energy Solutions Advisor who can help you identify energy efficiency projects that best suit your specific business needs—and connect you with the incentives to help offset project costs.

Success story: Under Sun Acres Inc.
Can insulating end-wall hot water supply pipes improve energy performance and save natural gas without negatively impacting crop production?

Under Sun Acres Inc. in Staples, ON, worked with Enbridge Gas to test this theory. After a successful trial study, they extended insulation to all zones of the greenhouse with the help of financial incentives.
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By the numbers
Less than $100,000
approximate project costs
total incentive
227,500 m³
estimated annual natural gas savings
Less than 1.5 years
approximate payback period

“Working with an Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Advisor has helped us find an innovative way to save energy and money.”
Lucas Semple
Operations Manager,
Under Sun Acres Inc.

Offset up to $200,000 in project costs
Work with your Energy Solutions Advisor to identify eligible projects such as greenhouse envelope, heating and controls, insulation and more. Our standard incentive is available for both retrofit and new construction projects.
Up to
natural gas saved, up to $200,000
Submit pre-qualified project by Nov. 1, 2023
To qualify for incentives, all projects, including assessments, must be pre-approved by Enbridge Gas before they are started. Terms and conditions apply.

Haris Ahmadzai
Work with Haris to find cost-saving opportunities
Contact Haris Ahmadzai
Supervisor, Energy Conservation
Enbridge Gas
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* HST is not applicable and will not be added to incentive payments. Terms and conditions apply. Incentives are based on the estimated annual natural gas savings associated with a project. Standard incentives are not to exceed 50 percent of the incremental project cost. Incentives are only made available to customers where Enbridge Gas energy efficiency offer(s) have impacted the customer’s decision to proceed with the improvement(s). Programs are subject to change or cancellation without notice at any time.
Estimated annual natural gas savings of 227,500 m³. Savings identified by Enbridge Gas and Under Sun Acres Inc. collaboratively.
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