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Enbridge Gas
Energy conservation for Ontario greenhouses. Cut costs and emissions in your greenhouse this spring: An image of Haris Ahmadzai, Energy Conservation Supervisor inspecting plants inside a greenhouse.
Complimentary advice for Ontario greenhouse customers!
Learn how you can receive up to $250,000* in incentives for energy efficiency projects
Are you an Ontario grower using natural gas? You could benefit from complimentary expert advice and financial incentives from Enbridge Gas. An Energy Solutions Advisor (ESA) can help you identify energy-saving opportunities and ensure you receive the maximum incentive available. Connect with an ESA today to start an action plan tailored to your greenhouse operations.
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Q&A with an Energy Solutions Advisor
Enbridge Gas’ Greg Simpson
(P.Eng., CEM) weighs in on the benefits of working with our specialized team of experts.
Portrait of Greg Simpson, smiling.
What does an Energy Solutions Advisor do?
It’s my goal to help customers identify energy-saving opportunities specific to their greenhouses and help them understand the importance of becoming as energy efficient as possible. We don’t work on commission, so customers can expect unbiased expertise from licensed engineers.
What can customers expect from the process?
First, we work to understand our customers’ businesses, starting with a site walkthrough to look at how their greenhouses use natural gas. From there, we’ll highlight energy-saving opportunities, including estimated savings and payback.
What resonates most with customers?
Initial cost savings are important, but what persuades most customers is the long-term energy savings that these projects provide year after year.

Limited-time offer: Get double the incentives on retrofit projects
For a limited time, you can get 2X the incentive on retrofit projects. Submit pre-qualified projects by July 1, 2024, for up to $0.20/m³ natural gas saved, up to $250,000.

Work with our Energy Solutions Advisors to pre-qualify your project and secure incentives.
2X the incentive—retrofit projects only
Up to
natural gas saved, up to $250,000
Submit pre-qualified project by July 1, 2024
Retrofit and new construction projects
Up to
natural gas saved, up to $250,000
Submit pre-qualified project by Nov. 1, 2024
Energy assessments, studies
and meters
Up to
of costs
Submit pre-qualified assessment by Nov. 1, 2024
To qualify for incentives, all projects, including assessments, must be pre-approved by Enbridge Gas before they are started. Terms and conditions apply.

Haris Ahmadzai
Ready to get started?
Work with Haris to find cost-saving opportunities
Contact Haris Ahmadzai
Supervisor, Energy Conservation
Enbridge Gas
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* Additional terms and conditions apply and can be found online at enbridgegas.com/greenhouse or via your Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Advisor. Industrial custom programs: Incentives apply to Enbridge Gas agricultural customers in the Enbridge Gas service area (Ontario only) for measures implemented and commissioned between Jan. 1 and Nov. 15 of the current calendar year. Projects must be pre-approved by Enbridge Gas. Volumetric savings are based either on Enbridge Gas-approved engineering calculations or Enbridge Gas-validated performance metrics. Enbridge Gas makes no warranty or guarantee regarding the estimated savings of any energy efficiency measure. Replacements of existing energy-efficient equipment do not qualify. High-volume projects will be reviewed on a per-project basis. All applications are reviewed by Enbridge Gas and require verification of eligibility, proof of purchase and installation. Incentives cannot exceed 50 percent of the incremental project cost and are only made available to customers where Enbridge Gas energy efficiency offer(s) have impacted the customer’s decision to proceed with the improvement(s). HST is not applicable and will not be added to incentive payments. Programs are subject to change or cancellation without notice at any time.
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