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Dramm offers new Dual Start PulsFOG

July 9, 2021  By Dramm Corporation

K-30-20-BIO 2 x 55 ltr Tank.

Dramm has introduced the new K-30/20 BIO DS Dual Start PulsFOG.

With the PulsFOG being one of the fastest ways to effectively treat large greenhouses with plant protection products, the new Dual Start option is designed to make startup of the unit easier.

The Dual Start offers two starting mechanisms: a push-button, compressor-driven system, for easy starting when connected to a 12v battery and the manual priming ball for when no larger battery is available. The electric-start function has been available on larger units in the past and is now offered on the K-30/20 BIO.


The K-30/20 BIO PulsFOG can rapidly treat areas up to 210,000 sq feet with the included 55- litre tanks. The BIO feature uses a secondary tank for plain water and a separate set of injection nozzles. This system cools the exhaust produced by combustion before the chemical solution is injected, preventing damage to heat sensitive products. The addition of the Dual Start makes the K-30/20 BIO DS easier to operate.

K30-20 BIO dual start.

Dramm will be at Cultivate ’21, Booth #847

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