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Documentary provides inside look at foreign worker experience during COVID

November 12, 2020  By Nature Fresh Farms (edited)

Source: Nature Fresh Farms documentary

Nature Fresh Farms has released a 22-minute documentary offering an inside look at their operations during the COVID-19 outbreak, centering around the experiences of their guest workers.

The film focuses on workers that have come to Canada to work, which for some, is a way to provide for their families. The documentary captures the personalities and perspectives of several guest workers, giving them a platform to share their experiences over the past summer but also speak about their overall time at Nature Fresh Farms.

“People are going to get a lot out of this documentary, no matter how familiar they are with agriculture,” says John Ketler, vice president. “Even if you’re familiar with guest workers and how valuable they are to our food system, it’s not often that you get to hear from them directly about their experiences and dreams, or their perspectives on the program they’re an integral part of. Their voices deserve to be heard.”


The guest workers that have chosen to come to Canada have had to make personal sacrifices in order to work here while being away from their families for months at a time, “Nature Fresh Farms understands the importance of creating a supportive and safe living environment to help make the transition easier.”

The company hopes that this documentary clears up any misconceptions people may have had regarding the treatment of their employees and that there is no question as to whether they truly value, support, and care for their team.

“Transparency is one of our company’s key pillars. Whether we are talking about how we grow our tomatoes, or how we treat our team, we’ve always been an open book,” says founder and president, Peter Quiring. “We hope this documentary will help us continue to be fully transparent about who we are and what we stand for, as well as help us share the details of what happened at our farm this summer.”

In addition to the documentary, Nature Fresh Farms released an information page on their website to answer some frequently asked questions about their foreign workers program.


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