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Do-it-yourself is back with a twist

April 22, 2009  By Amanda Ryder


Do-it-yourself is back
with a twist

Do-it-yourself (DIY) is enjoying resurgence in the tight economy, but not only for the reasons one might expect.

April 22, 2009 – Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is enjoying resurgence in the tight economy, but
not only for the reasons one might expect. While consumers are saving
money on their home improvement projects, homeowners tell us they're
doing it themselves because they like it.


Eight out of every 10 homeowners planning a lawn or garden project in
the next 12 months say they'll roll up their sleeves, break out their
gardening trowels and tackle the project themselves. According to a
consumer survey conducted by Lowe's in March, more than 500 homeowners
revealed projects they're planning over the next 12 months and what
motivated the process.

For 84 per cent of respondents, lawn and gardening projects are the number one
DIY project. A close second is interior painting (82 per cent), followed by
exterior painting (65 per cent), installing a new floor (56 per cent) and remodeling or
adding a new bathroom (55 per cent).

Is money alone driving do-it-yourselfers to do more? Not necessarily.
The homeowners Lowe's surveyed are almost evenly split between saving
money and doing a project for enjoyment. Approximately 32 per cent of DIY-ers
cite "pleasure" as the reason they're planning a project, while 35 per cent say
it's to save on total project costs.

Lawn and garden enthusiasts say few things in a home landscape
generate as much pride or pleasure as having the greenest lawn in the
neighborhood or being the first on the block to pluck a homegrown
tomato from the vine. In other words, they really "dig" dirt. In fact,
80 per cent of consumers mowed their own lawns in the past and plan to keep
doing so.

The survey found an increasing number of homeowners are doing
portions of a project themselves and hiring a professional to do the
rest. For instance, in the next 12 months, approximately 37 per cent of
homeowners surveyed who plan to remodel their kitchen say will do part
themselves and hire a pro for the rest.

Homeowners said hiring a professional for work such as cabinet
installation allows them to do only the parts of the project they
enjoy, like interior painting or installing flooring.

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