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Data-driven aeroponics platform to reduce costs

August 20, 2019  By Agrios Global (edited)

Cultivation Cycles and Costs Per Gram. Source: CannTrust (CNW Group/Agrios Global Holdings Ltd.)

Arable soil scarcity, climate change and higher recurrence of extreme weather events are prompting a shift from outdoor to indoor farming, which has eco-sustainable methods and a lower environmental impact.

B.C. Agri-tech developer Agrios has created data-driven aeroponic technology that the company says can be used for any type of indoor cultivation. Its aeroponic cultivation facilities are equipped with high precision sensors collecting actionable data on 32 key cultivation metrics. Real-time data is sent to Agrios’ proprietary software, where data analytics allow for precision cultivation, enabling control of numerous variables, including but not limited to, temperature, humidity, lighting, air quality, water, and nutrients.

As cannabis requires specific conditions to grow well and cultivators must ensure these conditions are optimized, aeroponics is a viable solution. It reduces the uncertainty of the growing process and makes the duplication of results from one growth cycle to the next one possible.


A major factor in the production of cannabis is the cost of production and achieving consistent product quality. The table above provides an overview of the costs of several cultivation methods.


While the cost to produce is lower in an outdoor grow facility, producers are limited to cultivating between one to two crops annually, where Agrios says their aeroponic cultivation clients can harvest an average of five times per annum. Growers using Agrios’ indoor aeroponic platform are reportedly able to produce premium quality flower for approximately $1.00 per gram, with higher yields of between 2.5 and 4.0 kilograms per m² annually, nearly five times that of greenhouse yields and ten times that of outdoor yields.

“Agrios’ data-driven aeroponics platform is highly advantageous to cannabis cultivators, as it substantially lowers operating costs in the areas of energy, labor, nutrient and water consumption, enabling our clients to remain competitive in today’s cannabis market.” said Chris Kennedy, president & CEO of Agrios Global Holdings.

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