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CubicFarms given Nexus Innovation Award for vertical grow system of livestock feed

April 22, 2021  By CubicFarm Systems (edited)

CubicFarms has received the Nexus Innovation Award for the automated and vertically grown, on-farm fresh livestock feed technology created by the company’s subsidiary, HydroGreen.

HydroGreen’s Vertical Pastures Grow System was one of five new dairy innovations awarded at this year’s PDPW Business Conference held Mar 17-18 in Wisconsin Dells, Wis, hosted by dairy industry publication Progressive Dairy.

According to B.C.-based CubicFarms, HydroGreen’s unique automated technology allows farmers to grow farm fresh livestock feed, allowing dairies to gain more control over feed production and conserve water and land without the need for chemicals or fertilizers.


“We’re honoured to be selected by dairy farmers to receive this Nexus Innovation Award,” said Dan Schmidt, president, HydroGreen. “Our technology was created by farmers who were facing significant drought on their ranches and needed a solution to feed their livestock fresh feed year-round. Dairy farmers seeking reliable, consistent on farm feed are excited about HydroGreen’s innovative technology.”

The nutritious HydroGreen fresh livestock feed is said to be low in starch, high in energy, high in protein, high in sugar, and relatively low in potassium. “The unique germination and HydroGreen growing process creates high levels of natural hydrolytic enzymes that, when combined with the other ingredients in the total mixed ration, increase the digestibility of the entire diet,” states the release.

“Farmers around the world want nutritious livestock feed for their animals and they need innovative solutions to address drought, water shortages, and land scarcity issues,” said Dave Dinesen, CEO, CubicFarm Systems Corp. “HydroGreen’s Vertical Pastures provide a predictable local chain ag-tech solution that empowers farmers.”

Other awarded technologies at the conference included an augmented reality headset for herd check, an automated high-moisture corn feeder for milking robot boxes, an infrared manure drying and sanitizing system, and a cloud-based machine-learning digital dairy assistant.

CubicFarm inks deal for HydroGreen Grow System beta modules

Earlier this month, CubicFarms announced an agreement with Burnett Land & Livestock Ltd., LLLP for 12 beta modules of HydroGreen Vertical Pastures.

The deal includes collaboration on a research program and feed analysis with HydroGreen.

As part of the agreement, HydroGreen and Burnett will collaborate on the collection of data and research to quantify the livestock feed nutrition benefits, dry matter yield percentage gain, performance of the herd, with special interest in fertility, milk production, and the overall wellbeing of the animals.

This collaboration between Burnett and HydroGreen was initiated by Total Dairy Solutions U.S.A., a global supplier in dairy farm solutions and reseller of the HydroGreen Grow System, with over 200 employees servicing more than 400 dairies.

The agreement includes 12 HydroGreen GLS808 modules to be installed on Burnett’s large U.S.-based beef cattle ranch and dairy farm in Carpenter, Wyo.

The HydroGreen Grow System. Photos courtesy of CubicFarms

This beta project will include the first installation of the commercial scale HydroGreen GLS808 modules on a large-scale farm. The 12 HydroGreen GLS808 modules, once installed, can produce 80 per cent more fresh livestock feed than HydroGreen’s legacy systems, providing Burnett with up to 72,000 lbs of feed daily, according to CubicFarms. As part of the feed ration, that’s enough to feed 2,000 animals daily. Burnett will purchase all the daily feed production supply with the option to purchase the modules and expand to accommodate Burnett’s full operational needs.

“When evaluating Burnett’s scaling opportunities, we strongly recommended HydroGreen’s unique solution for its sustainable and scalable technology,” said Kevin Fiske, CEO, Total Dairy Solutions U.S.A. “HydroGreen’s fresh livestock feed technology has many benefits, including using less land and 92 per cent less water than traditional pasture grazing.”

“Burnett’s ranch size required a significant increase in livestock feed production capacity and our new HydroGreen Vertical Pastures can handle their commercial scale production needs,” said Schmidt. “As a technology company founded by farmers, we’re thrilled to collaborate with Burnett, an innovative, forward-thinking dairy and beef cattle ranch. Our research will enable us to apply our significant plant science knowledge to improve animal health and nutrition for our farmer partners.”

Jay Burnett, co-founder and operator of Burnett, said, “Water availability is an increasing concern in our industry and this technology is part of the solution. Our innovative agreement with HydroGreen allows us to collaborate on the technologies that will positively impact our growing production and expansion plans.”

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