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Cool Wave Pansies are hot

September 3, 2015
By Dave Harrison


July 2015 — Cool Wave Pansies, from PanAmerican Seed, have great vigour and over-winter quite successfully. The plug crop time is four to five weeks, with transplant to finish times of six to seven weeks in spring, and four to five weeks in the fall...

It is hardy to Zone 5. This has the most prostrate habit of any spreading pansy and works well in both combinations and groundcovers.

It grows to 6 to 8” (15 to 20 cm) and spreads 24 to 30” (60 to 75 cm). Among newcomers this year are “Blueberry Swirl” (shades of primrose with whiskers and variable blue/purple edge) and “Sunshine ’N Wine” (perfect fall colours, as shown in the accompanying photo).


The new “Mixture Improved” now includes the previously mentioned “Sunshine ‘N Wine.” There are eight Cool Wave varieties and three mixtures available.

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