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The publication, Handbook of Cannabis Production in Controlled Environments, is edited by Dr. Youbin Zheng, professor at the University of Guelph.

November 11, 2022  By Andrew Snook

The Handbook of Cannabis Production in Controlled Environments.(Photo provided by: Youbin Zheng)

A new handbook was recently released to help licensed producers optimize their indoor cannabis production, and it looks to be a fantastic resource for anyone in the field looking to tackle any aspect of growing.

The publication, Handbook of Cannabis Production in Controlled Environments, is edited by Dr. Youbin Zheng, professor at the University of Guelph, who has more than 20 years of experience researching and integrating his knowledge of plants, soilless growing media, fertigation and the environment into a wide range of sectors in the horticulture industry, including indoor cannabis production.

Dr. Zheng compiled fantastic research from various experts within the cannabis sector to create a great resource for growers and students. The 324-page handbook breaks down cannabis production in controlled environments into 10 different sections.


Here is a brief synopsis of each chapter as described by Dr. Zheng in the introduction of the book:

 Chapter 1: Introduction

By Youbin Zheng and Ernest Small

The first chapter introduces the basic biology, phytochemical constituents, and controlled environment production of cannabis.

Chapter 2: Growing Facilities and Environmental Control

By Michael Stasiak and Mike Dixon

The second chapter provides an overview of the science and technology behind the control of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, air distribution and lighting, and discusses how these key environment factors affect cannabis growth and development.

Chapter 3: Genetics and Plant Breeding of Cannabis sativa for Controlled Environment Production

By Ernest Small

This section outlines cannabis genetics and breeding. It discusses cannabis evolution, scientific nomenclature, sources of genetics for cannabis breeding, cannabis breeding techniques and related issues.

Chapter 4: Cannabis Propagation

By Max Jones and Adrian S. Monthony

This section is about propagation by seeds, stem cuttings and in vitro technologies.

 Chapter 5: Rootzone Management in Cannabis Production

By Youbin Zheng

This chapter discusses water sources, water quality, water and nutrient solution treatments, nutrition and fertilization, growing media and their selection, different rootzones used in cannabis cultivation and integrated rootzone management for different cultivation systems.

Chapter 6: Lighting and CO2 in Cannabis Production

By Youbin Zheng and David Llewellyn

This chapter discusses how CO2 affects cannabis production and should be supplied during cultivation. It also examines the basics of radiation, lighting technologies and how to use lighting in cannabis cultivation.

Chapter 7: Canopy Management

By Philipp Matzneller, Juan David Gutierrez and Deron Caplan

This reviews plant canopy management from the viewpoint of plant physiology, and also describes how to manage canopies for stock plants for production of cuttings, and to manage vegetative and flowering plants.

Chapter 8: Management of Diseases on Cannabis in Controlled Environment Production

By Cameron Scott and Zamir Punja

This chapter discusses general plant pathology, disease management principles and specific disease control practices for cannabis production. It also reviews the most prominent cannabis diseases.

Chapter 9: Management of Insect Pests on Cannabis in Controlled Environment Production

By Jason Lemay and Cynthia Scott-Dupree

This section is about insect pest management. It introduces the basic concepts of IPM for controlled environment cannabis cultivation, then discusses the biology and management strategies for major insect pests of cannabis.

 Chapter 10: Harvest and Post-Harvest

By Deron Caplan, Philipp Matzneller and Juan David Gutierrez

This covers when and how to harvest, post-harvest trimming, drying, curing and storage.

If you’re looking for a solid resource for learning more about cannabis production in controlled environments, I strongly suggest you check this out. The handbook can be purchased at the VitalSource Bookshelf online or at

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