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Patented Vertical System is Growing its First Commercial Crops

April 13, 2016  By David W. Martin

GrowTrucks container farm equipment uses the latest in farm management controls.

GrowTrucks, LLC, the container farm division of Indoor Farms of America – maker of unique vertical aeroponic indoor farm equipment – has begun sales of its container farm using the latest patented technology in indoor agriculture.

It has a growing capacity the company says eclipses any other product in the marketplace.

“By combining a superior aeroponic vertical growing platform with the latest components to operate the farm, we have delivered on our mission to bring to agriculture a truly economically viable solution, wrapped in a container,” says David Martin, CEO of Indoor Farms of America.


The GrowTrucks unique, reliable and patented vertical aeroponic platform can efficiently grow up to 8,450 healthy plants with excellent flavour due to its system for mineral uptake, and it all takes place within a 320-square-foot container. It is designed to operate year-round in any climate.

“If you want fresh strawberries, chili peppers, or just about any leafy green, and you are located in the coldest climate, in a remote location, you can do just that. It makes great sense as a business, and is easy to operate, even if you don’t have a green thumb,” says company president Ron Evans.

The GrowTrucks container farm equipment uses the latest in farm management controls, and is easy to operate and maintain. The first unit, built two years ago in R&D, underwent hundreds of hours of design, being put through rigorous testing to ensure long-term reliability of the equipment.

“If you can think of a place that has a need for really fresh, accessible produce, we have the platform that not only makes it possible, but does it on a “commercial scale” basis so there is real ROI to the producer,” Martin says.

The Farmers Market model is based on a large box truck that can literally be driven to market with the fresh, naturally grown produce harvested at the point of sale.

The technology was displayed at this year’s World Ag Expo – the largest agriculture show in the world – in California. Considerable interest was shown by attendees.

Traditional field producers can expand their operations by integrating indoor growing operations to serve local markets, Martin says, an innovative opportunity to add to their bottom line.


  • Patented vertical aeroponic crop growing equipment is a major advancement for indoor and greenhouse agriculture.
  • Leafy greens, peppers and strawberries, among other fruits and vegetables, can be grown at up to 40 plants per square foot.
  • United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food grade equipment needs only eight feet of ceiling height to operate.
  • Non GMO, all-natural protocols with no pesticides or other chemicals are used in the process.
  • Uses up to 95 per cent less water than soil farming.
  • Amazing taste due to natural mineral infusion system.
  • Enhances food safety and food security – fewer hands touch the food.
  • Fully sustainable – no waste generated in the growing process.
  • Can solve “food desert” crisis anywhere.

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