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Construction of small, efficient greenhouses in Armenia

October 16, 2012  By Treena Hein

A company called Armenian Harvest Promotion Center (AHPC) has received financing to build small, efficient greenhouses with the help of French firm Richel Group.

A company called Armenian Harvest Promotion Center (AHPC) has initiated a “small greenhouses development process, which aims to enable individual farmers to construct and operate high-tech, energy-saving and high-yield film (plastic) greenhouses.”

A press release states that AHPC works with French, Dutch, and Israeli greenhouse construction companies. It has already received construction proposals for several types of greenhouses of 400 (and larger) m2.

Depending on the size and type of the greenhouse, the price for 1 m2 will vary from $12 to $30 US.


Work is also being carried out for installment of drip irrigation, heating systems and alternative heating systems, which will reduce heating, irrigation and fertilizer usage costs thus increasing greenhouses’ effectiveness and competitiveness. The mentioned systems can also be installed in earlier-built greenhouses.
In other company news, Brice Richel, a representative of French greenhouse production company Richel Group, was recently in Armenia at the invitation of the Armenian Harvest Promotion Center.

He introduced Richel Group greenhouses, their technological capabilities and construction provisions, as well as financing opportunities for greenhouse acquirement.

As a result of discussions, an agreement was reached between AHPC and Richel for greenhouse construction financing through French commercial banks.

In the framework of the Armenian government’s ‘Investment Program on the Construction and Development of the Yerevan Greenhouse Zone in the vicinity of Noragavit District,’
approximately 50 ha of heated greenhouses will be constructed within the next three years.

The overall program plans for up to 500 ha of modern greenhouse construction.


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