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Coalition calls for Canada to ban glyphosate use

May 11, 2023  By Stephen Wentzell,

May 11, 2023 – A coalition of experts is calling on the federal government to ban the use of glyphosate in Canada. Glyphosate exposure can lead to pancreatitis, liver and kidney diseases, and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Glyphosate (also known under the brand name RoundUp) is Canada’s most widely sold herbicide.

The efforts of the coalition, led by prominent Canadian filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal, have received support from more than 18,000 people across the country. Exposure to glyphosate means Canadians of all ages consume harmful residues in food and water. Traces of glyphosate are most often found in corn and wheat-based products. Glyphosate is in many staple products like flour, lentils, and oats, as well as cereal, crackers, and pizza.

Humans are also exposed to glyphosate while outdoors for recreation, work, hunting, and harvesting.


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