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August 17, 2021
Heat wave puts new varieties to the test at New Blooms

FeaturesNewsFlowersNew Varieties

August 10, 2021
A look at the Sawaya Gardens’ new trial location


August 10, 2021
Blossom end rot: Is it a rot of blossoms or something more?

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August 3, 2021
The gardening boom continues


July 27, 2021
Greenhouse work shouldn’t hurt


July 27, 2021
Growing media and the circular economy

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July 20, 2021
Les Exceptionnelles 2021: Spectacular foliage, flowers and fruit


July 20, 2021
Greenhouse construction put on hold

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July 13, 2021
A shippable solution for northern growing

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July 13, 2021
Strategies for aphid controls in sweet peppers


July 7, 2021
Keeping greenhouse workers safe in the rising heat

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July 6, 2021
The hunt for a new pink tomato

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June 29, 2021
Managing heat stress in greenhouse vegetables

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June 28, 2021
Taking the pressure off young crops

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June 23, 2021
Top 4 Under 40: On the path to success

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June 22, 2021
Greenhouse memoirs: A cultivated love

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June 21, 2021
Artificial intelligence in the greenhouse

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June 15, 2021
Venting naturally in the summer

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June 15, 2021
Light abatement bylaws in effect – Now what?

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June 8, 2021
Monitoring for pepper weevil


June 8, 2021
Grower Survey: Divulging plans for 2021

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June 1, 2021
Six tips for healthy greenhouse pollinators

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June 1, 2021
Breathing oxygen into roots

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May 25, 2021
When it gets hot, watch out for blossom end rot!


May 25, 2021
Organic standards updated for greenhouse production

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May 18, 2021
The race for rugose resistance


May 18, 2021
Elements for creating a moonlight garden

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May 11, 2021
Modular farms open doors to commercial-scale plant production


May 11, 2021
Cultivating a space for cannabis at retail


May 4, 2021
40 years of connection, advocacy, and success for Alberta association


May 4, 2021
Herbs support garden pollinators

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April 27, 2021
Growing a healthy cut flower sector