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CanGrow to launch four Biodyne microorganism-based products in Canada

CanGrow evaluated over a dozen different biological companies over the last several years before deciding to move ahead with Biodyne.

February 3, 2023  By CanGrow

(Source: Biodyne USA)

CanGrow Crop Solutions has announced it will be the first distributor and supplier of Biodyne USA’s microbial technology to growers in the Canadian agricultural market.

“We were approached by multiple companies from across North America to carry their biological products,” says Ray McDonald, owner of CanGrow. “The main reason we chose to work with Biodyne USA is because of its advanced production capacities and its team approach, offering products with a multitude of plant and soil capabilities.”

Biodyne products are comprised of complementary bacteria and fungi that help release macro and micronutrients as well as provide root stimulation and stress-reducing factors.


The products include:

  • ReSTore: a seed-applied biological team that promotes quicker germination, more robust root mass and increased early-season plant vigor.
  • ReNew: a diverse microorganism team that ensures soil and plants efficiently work together to maximize growth and productivity. ReNew provides plant enhancement capabilities including vitamin and hormone production, nutrient releasers, and stress reducers. This product is applied in-furrow with water or fertilizers in any crop.
  • UnLeash: a microbial biostimulant, residue manager and degrader all in one. This is applied to the soil surface and can be mixed with herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers.
  • MeltDown: a complete tool for managing crop residue. This product supports enhanced soil bed and planting conditions, less wear or damage to equipment, and re-cycling of nutrients tied up within residue. MeltDown is applied to residue fall or spring, and is an excellent option for corn, wheat and cover crop stubble or residues.

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