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Canada Brand digital marketing gets a boost from Ottawa

October 6, 2020  By Greenhouse Canada

Ottawa announced it will refresh the Canada Brand platform to ensure industry and partners have access to new graphics and tools optimized for today’s digital platforms.

According to the press release, the refresh will also enable them to reach more consumers and enhance virtual connections with international buyers, and will include a modernized look, signature, messaging, and suite of digital-first marketing products for the Canada Brand.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working hard to ensure that farmers and processors remain competitive while faced with new challenges and opportunities. Canada has a great reputation for our high-quality agricultural products, and by updating the Canada Brand to take advantage of digital platforms, we will be able to showcase our excellent products in markets around the world. This is nothing less than a necessary step for the sustainability of Canadian agriculture,” says Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.


COVID-19 has changed how businesses across Canada operate and market their products, from finding new market development channels, increasing the use of e-commerce and participating in virtual events. The same is true for Canada’s agriculture and agri-food businesses, which are working hard to find new ways to promote their products to consumers across Canada and around the world.

The Canada Brand launched in 2006, offering registered members access to a suite of promotional products designed to raise the profile of, and help differentiate, Canadian agri-food products from the competition. The Canada Brand program is open to Canadian entities that have a role in producing, promoting or supporting Canadian agriculture, food and seafood products.

It currently includes branding and graphics material, photography for use in marketing and promotional materials, Canadian content statements, messaging on Canada’s advantages and promotion at Canada Pavilions for international trade shows.

“People across the globe know that when something is made in Canada, it’s safe and of the highest quality. In today’s time of crisis, people need safe and reliable products more than ever before – and our Canadian agriculture and agri-food businesses have the best on offer. I’m thrilled that we’ll be able to help them grow, adapt to today’s realities, and reach new customers in international markets with refreshed Canada Brand digital marketing,” says  Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade

The Canada Brand has approximately 800 members who have been approved through an application process. The objective of the Canada Brand is to raise the profile of and help differentiate Canadian food products from the competition. The strategy and its elements are free to use and were developed in collaboration with industry and the provincial governments. The Government of Canada uses the Canada Brand to promote agri-food products in global markets, including as part of international tradeshow events. In 2018-19, nearly 400 exhibitors took part in Canada Pavilions at eight flagship tradeshows, representing nearly 300 companies.

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Marie-Claude Bibeau, ministre de l’Agriculture et de l’Agroalimentaire, a annoncé la mise à jour de la plateforme de la marque Canada par le gouvernement afin de veiller à ce que l’industrie et les partenaires aient accès à de nouveaux graphiques et outils optimisés pour les plateformes numériques.

La mise à jour leur permettra de rejoindre davantage de consommateurs et d’améliorer leurs relations virtuelles avec des acheteurs du monde entier. Elle comprendra une image, une signature et des messages modernisés et un ensemble de produits de marketing privilégiant le numérique pour la marque Canada.

La COVID-19 a changé la façon dont les entreprises canadiennes fonctionnent et commercialisent leurs produits, de la recherche de nouvelles voies de développement des marchés à l’accroissement de l’utilisation du commerce électronique et la participation à des activités virtuelles. Il en va de même pour les entreprises agricoles et agroalimentaires du Canada, qui mettent tout en œuvre pour trouver de nouveaux moyens de promouvoir leurs produits auprès des consommateurs à l’échelle du pays et à l’étranger.

La marque Canada, qui a été lancée en 2006, offre aux membres inscrits l’accès à un ensemble de produits promotionnels visant à accroître la visibilité des produits agroalimentaires canadiens et à faciliter leur distinction des produits des concurrents.

Le programme offre actuellement du matériel de promotion de l’image de marque, des éléments graphiques, des photographies à utiliser dans le matériel de commercialisation et de promotion, des déclarations sur le contenu canadien et des messages sur les avantages des produits canadiens et la promotion des pavillons du Canada dans le cadre des foires commerciales.

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