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BioWorks rolls out Rootshield Plus granular formulation

November 12, 2020  By BioWorks

Following the official release of their wettable powder formulation last month, BioWorks has released new granular formulation, RootShield PLUS G.

Specifically developed for incorporation into growing media, Rootshield Plus G includes the same two active ingredients – Trichoderma harzianum strain T-22 and Trichoderma virens strain G-41 – for prevention against a broad spectrum of root diseases and promotion of healthy root systems.

Key features of new RootShield PLUS G include:

  • A granular formulation specifically developed for blending into soil mixes; ideal for ‘pre-charging’ bulk media and can be incorporated on-site or through a media supplier
  • Its presence in the growing medium helps protect developing roots from the get-go
  • Compatibility with many soils and soilless media including peat-, bark- and coir-based mixes, as well as substrates used in hydroponic growing
  • Growth in soils and on roots, shielding them against root-damaging fungi, promoting healthier roots and increasing root mass potential
  • Excellent tool for fungicide resistance management
  • 0-hour REI, 0-day PHI and approved for use in organic production

Registered in Canada, the formulation is available to growers coast-to-coast-to-coast through Plant Products and Terralink Horticulture.

For questions, call or email the BioWorks Technical Service Team at (800) 877-9443,

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