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Biobest and ecoation partner to bring Canadian pest management technology to Europe

March 31, 2021  By Greenhouse Canada

Biobest Group NV, and ecoation have signed a partnership agreement in which Biobest will offer the ecoation OKO machine to European growers.

“Biobest is a widely recognized and respected biocontrol agent provider across the world, including Canada/North America, and this is just the beginning of a partnership that will impact ecoation going forward,” says Cameron Lust, marketing coordinator for ecoation. “A major partnership with a European leader like Biobest is an important milestone, adding another layer of credibility on a global scale and ultimately fuelling ecoation’s ability to better serve Canadian growers.”

ecoation’s technology is an enabler for optimizing the use of biocontrol agents. The digitized IPM workflow in combination with Biobest’s expertise on biocontrol will ultimately optimize the IPM program of Biobest customers.


“The benefits that come from a long, accurate plant health history are similar to those of having the same family doctor since you were young. With access to ecoation’s IPM insights, Biobest experts will be able to visualize past health concerns in an organized, easy-to-access form as a tool to diagnose current issues and provide next steps,” says ecoation co-founder and CEO, Dr. Saber Miresmailli.

The two companies will cooperate closely to ensure customers benefit from a seamless experience by offering the equipment and analytics to diagnose improvement opportunities and the means to execute the adjustments.

“Being able to combine [Biobest] expertise with the readings and scouting data digitally available through the ecoation service will further optimize running IPM programs. Human and machine joining forces have a very high potential in creating optimal IPM,” says Jean-Marc Vandoorne, Biobest CEO.

“Biobest pest pictures, etc., are integrated into OKO’s LCD Guidebook, helping scouts navigate pest presence and pressure in the field, this is standard and available to all growers using ecoation’s platform, including Canadian growers,” adds Lust.

Source: ecoation

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