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Affinor Growers sign agreement with Berrymobile Fruit

February 23, 2022  By Affinor Growers

(Photo provided by: Affinor Growers)

Affinor Growers has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Berrymobile Fruit for the distribution of Affinor’s strawberries.

The announcement comes after Affinor expects to launch its vine-ripened cultivar strawberries from Holland in selected stores in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. The strawberries will be marketed in new compostable packaging.

Affinor’s vertical farming showcase located in Abbotsford, is now completely operational.


“This is the tipping point for Affinor,” said Nick Brusatore, CEO of Affinor. “I expect that this will accelerate our strawberry production scaleup plan in Abbotsford, lead to additional fruit and vegetable operations across Western Canada.”

Berrymobile is a Vancouver-based distribution company which supports and promotes fruit farmers in British Columbia. Berrymobile partners with retailers across major grocery banners in the Lower Mainland.

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