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A timely event: GGS hosting Apple Watch contest

April 2, 2015  By Dave Harrison

April 2, 2015 – GGS has just launched a contest where growers and garden centre retailers can enter to win an Apple Watch.

GGS is a world-class designer, manufacturer and installer of commercial greenhouse structures since 1979, incorporating new technology along the way.
“Previously we’ve been working on using Google Glass for future greenhouse innovation, and for our last contest we gave our lucky winner a DJI Phantom Drone,” said marketing coordinator Amy Carter. “We’d like to continue this with our new contest to win an Apple Watch, so don’t miss out on your chance to win!”
What could you do with an Apple Watch if you won?

•    Ideal for growers, as it’s more portable and water/moisture resistant.


•    Allows growers access to information without needing to take out their Apple devices.

•    Communicate seamlessly with other Apple devices.

•    Greenhouse growers can easily communicate remotely with staff using only their voice (transcribes voice to text messages).

•    Greenhouse growers can take urgent calls or simply communicate with their team while still doing things.

•    Voice commands allow growers to perform actions hands-free, such as adding a reminder by just speaking. “Remind me to call Joe tomorrow at 3 p.m., ” which is automatically synced to their Apple devices.
•    Greenhouse operators can increase productivity, receiving instant alerts about tasks and appointments right on their watch.
•    Greenhouse growers can make sure their plants and crops get the right treatment by keeping up to date with the weather on the go.
•    Automation companies may create apps for the Apple Watch, allowing growers to perform actions like closing their vents directly from their watch.
To enter, visit

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