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A plantable pencil

February 6, 2014  By Canadian Garden Centre & Nursery

sprout_pencil_planting_300_dpiFeb. 6, 2014 — Meet Sprout, a pencil that transforms into the customer's favourite herb or vegetable.

Where most pencils have an eraser, Sprout has a seed container. When
the pencil gets too short to write with, users can turn it upside down
and plant it in soil. With a little care and water, the pencil will
sprout an edible plant such as basil, dill, parsley, eggplant or even
green peppers.

"When the seed capsule is exposed to moisture it
begins to degrade, releasing the seed within Sprout and starting its
germination. It will take two to three weeks before it sprouts and about
four to five weeks before some of these fresh herbs are ready to be
used for cooking," said Andrew Severs, president and CEO of Publicite
Ad Factory, the company rolling Sprout out across Canada.


is produced from sustainable cedar wood, clay, graphite and organic
seeds. It is free from toxic materials, including lead.

Click here for more information about Sprout pencils.

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