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A milestone for Garden Answer video series

August 24, 2017  By Proven Winners

Aug. 24, 2017 – The sensational gardening social media team commonly known as Garden Answer- Laura & Aaron LeBoutillier – has reached the two million followers mark on Facebook. Now you may be wondering … what’s so important about that number?

More followers mean more video views … and each video view is a brand impression for gardening, Proven Winners, and in many cases a DIY and testimonial for specific plant varieties. Simply put, more video views result in more exposure to plants and inspiration.

Garden Answer has helped Proven Winners reach a younger audience – and this is known by specific follower comments shared via social media, as well as a host of analytics offered by social media platforms. Many are first-time gardeners who have questions, need reassurance and video helps them visualize how each plant will look in specific locations in their garden.


As of Aug, 17, Garden Answer has more than two million followers on Facebook, nearly 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and had more than 176 million video views on YouTube and Facebook in 2016 bringing their company’s total to 386 million views in less than three years, a staggering number that eclipses even that of Super Bowl viewership!

To capitalize on this exposure, the popular Gardener’s Idea Book available to gardeners and IGCs from Proven Winners will include two pages featuring Laura for 2018, in addition to 200 videos for Proven Winners in the next 12 months. Their videos will focus on the National Plant of the Year™ varieties and recipes, along with popular shrubs and perennials.

Garden centre retailers, landscapers and growers can refer to this page on the Proven Winners web site to see which recent videos have resonated well with followers, in addition to seeing what is planned for future content. The page also provides assistance on how to share these videos on a company’s own social channels.

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