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A gardening trend you can sink your teeth into

May 5, 2014  By Canadian Garden Centre & Nursery

May 5, 2014, Milton, ON – It's the time of year when gardeners are starting
to plan out the plants and flowers that will be decorating their yard,
supporting a variety of wildlife – and even adorning their plates.

In keeping with the growing local food movement, more urban gardeners
are using their patches of land to grow their own produce, helping
ensure a fresh, healthy menu for their family and friends over the
summer months.

"It is a healthy and rewarding experience to plant your garden with your
kitchen in mind," says Denis Flanagan from Landscape Ontario. "There is
an amazing diversity of vegetables and fruits available to plant in
your garden. Eat them fresh, or make them part of an interesting recipe.
You won't regret it!"


Tomatoes and peppers are staples in backyard gardens, but in vogue this
year are healthy, leafy greens like kale and Swiss chard as well as
items like okra and heirloom veggies.

Flanagan also recommends a herb garden that will bring life and
fragrance to the yard as well as flavour to favourite salads and
barbecued dishes.

Parsley and chives should be staples in an herb garden, and fragrant
herbs like rosemary, rue and lavender are gaining popularity.

"It's incredibly easy to grow and harvest herbs," says Flanagan. "With
the increasing popularity of backyard barbecues and cooking outdoors, it
is almost a must to ensure you have a herb garden nearby, whether
directly in your garden, in a container or in a hanging basket nearby."

The trend towards urban fruit and vegetable gardening is about more than
tasty dishes coming off the grill or out of your kitchen. It's about an
increasing concern for our health.

"We are all aware of the health benefits of eating fresh fruits and
vegetables, but it is more than just that," says Flanagan. "A good diet
is just one part of a healthy lifestyle. Getting out into the garden is
exercise that has multiple benefits. It is good for your yard, and it is
good for your body!"

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