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6 Production tips for lush containers

October 24, 2018  By Proven Winners (edited)

Drip lines allow maximum control over irrigation, ensuring liners are not over- or under-watered in production

Want to produce lush, flower-covered container recipes? Lead growers Aleksi Yosifov and Noah Derohanian of Pleasant View Gardens share their top tips.

1. The Key to Success
Starting with exceptional quality liners is the most important thing you can do to get your container recipes off to a great start. Even if you encounter issues along the way as you produce your crop, they will be far easier to navigate if you start with quality liners. Your propagator will be happy to work with you to determine the best liner size and delivery date to fit your production model.

2. Start Your Liners Off Right
Minimizing stress on newly planted liners will avoid complications down the road. As a standard practice, we apply a preventative broad spectrum fungicide drench one week after transplant to all newly transplanted liners. This protects their roots from potential attacks.


3. Moderate Your Watering
It is very easy to overwater newly transplanted liners, so take care not to create this unnecessary stress. During the first few weeks after transplant, the root system is still small and does not yet extend down the bottom of the container. At this time, frequent but low volume water applications are required to provide the liners just the right amount of water they need without becoming overly wet.

4. Build a Strong Foundation
When your liners are young and are newly transplanted into hanging baskets, focus on developing a strong root system for the plants. Timing is key. We closely monitor the growing temperature, pH and EC of the growing media, and fertility while the plants are becoming established in the container.

5. Trimming and Shaping
As the plants are growing, a series of pinches and/or PGR applications are used to shape the plants in the containers. For many plants, we trim around the edges of the containers as needed, prior to spacing uprights and hanging the baskets. PGR rates are listed on the Proven Winners website for all of the plants we offer.

6. Feed Those Plants!
Premium quality hanging baskets and upright containers will fly out of inventory, so be sure you are feeding those hungry plants so they reach their full potential.  Proven Winners has developed four primary and four specialty professional fertilizer products that will help minimize and correct pH-related issues in your production greenhouses. The right product will be selected for your situation based on your water test results. All Proven Winners fertilizers contain minors and 100% EDDHA as the source of iron.

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